Below is a list of brands I have had the privilege to work with, and digitally contribute. 



A digital role that required of me to wear many hats. This role is challenging yet rewarding and allowed me to expand my knowledge base of all the moving parts that were required to run a smooth and efficient eCommerce business. From troubleshooting customer service to a/b tests, every day was a different day, all with a common goal of growing the eCom business.

Online content specialist

Living up to its name, being an Online Content Specialist at BIG W was a BIG responsibility (no pun intended). It was a fast paced environment led by weekly catalog deliverables. This meant being efficient, accurate, and clear with your communication went hand in hand. To its credit, I did have a supportive team, an inspiring leader, as well as motivated internal teams I dealt with day-to-day.  


online test analyst

I was part of a small intimate team of test specialists that were highly accurate, and professional in their work ethics. This was an opportunity for me to expand my digital skill set and get a broader understanding on all the moving parts that make-up the process of digital experience delivery.


co-founder (startup)

Partnered with one of the best minds in the digital space, we had a vision of providing exceptional quality basketball uniforms that were fashionable to wear on and off the court.

Content manager (startup)

A small start-up team with big dreams. This is where I got to taste the excitement of being part of a start-up, put multiple hats on, and delve more into the importance of content and how it represents your brand.

online producer

A creative hub of digital talent, industry leaders, and genuine personalities. This is where my digital skill set flourished and developed into a passion. I learned how to effectively be a scrum master, manage small to medium digital projects and fine tune my communication skills when managing stakeholders.