Opening dialogue

Being in your 30s is a tough gig. What you want from yourself and what society expects from you may not be a complete match. Expectations such as:

  • You should be married (or at least have a serious girlfriend)
  • You should have kids (or have kids on the way)
  • You should have a successful career in a respected company
  • You should own property
  • Blah blah blah...

In reality, for too many of us, this is not the case. I for one am still living with my parents, don't have any kids, and work in a humbling job that does not pay much. I could go on, but you get the point. I've learned that you should never live your life in somebody's expected vision, may it be society, your parents, or your peers. It will lead you down a hollow path of resentment. We each have our own journeys and our own timelines to fulfill, what's important is that you:

  1. Grow and learn from your journey
  2. Set realistic and achievable goals &
  3. Navigate a path that is true to you

At the end of the day the best assessor to how successful and meaningful your life is, is you. It should be measured on how you react to tough times, the actions you do when no-one is watching, and the work you put in day in and day out. The accumulation of all your efforts, all your hustle, all your adveristy will not go without reward. So smile and dig deep, because being in your 30s is a blessed path that you create in your own unique way.