The TV show addiction

In my 20s I remember I didn't care too much for TV shows. I was busy chasing girls, drinking with friends and hitting the club. Money's main purpose was to be spent, and the opposite sex proved to be a good distraction. I called it 'the good old days'. The only TV shows that interested me were from free to air TV. It consisted of comedies and criminal investigations, such as 'Seinfeld', 'How I met your mother', and 'CSI Miami'.

Nowadays, in my 30s TV shows rule. It is common workplace chatter to discuss what TV shows you are watching, what episode and from what season etc. I am not surprised considering how easy it is to access abundant amounts of TV shows that are available, especially from streaming services such as Netflix, Stan, Presto and Amazon Prime. If you are lucky, you have a dodgy friend who hooks you up with 'downloaded' content.

Although I do not condemn watching TV shows as it proves to be a very good money saving alternative to going out, but, too many of us it can become an addiction. Especially really good TV shows that leave you hanging forcing you through a vicious cycle of 'ok one more episode'. Before you know it, it is 2 am on a Tuesday night and you have to get up for work in 4 hours. We've all been there! Below are 5 tips that I've learned to help break the addiction:

  1. Set yourself a maximum amount to watch
  2. If you are planning a TV show marathon, include some alcohol, alcohol will get you drowsy
  3. If you find yourself watching more episodes than you should, switch the TV show to something less entertaining, it will help numb your senses
  4. If you need to get up to go for a pee or a drink, stay standing, you can use it as a cue to stop watching
  5. Take a picture of yourself when you've reached rock bottom and stick it on the TV, it will remind you of where you are headed if you keep watching